The LM6000™ industrial gas turbine derives from GE’s CF6-80 aircraft engine. This industrial gas turbine is used primarily for power generation applications, but also as a direct mechanical drive, for instance, to power pumps. MTU has been providing maintenance services for this type of gas turbine since 1996.

The LM6000™ is comprised of a five-stage low-pressure compressor (LPC), a 14-stage high-pressure compressor (HPC), an annular combustor, a two-stage high-pressure turbine (HPT), and a fivestage low-pressure turbine (LPT). As with the CF6-80C, the LM6000™ couples loads directly to the low-pressure turbine shaft, which drives the generator directly.

GE has introduced two enhanced versions of its LM6000™, which are derived from the CF6-80E aircraft engine. The LM6000PG™ with a single annular combustor (SAC) and the dry low emissions (DLE) LM6000PH™, which has a low-emission combustor with the fuel nozzles arranged on different planes. As risk-and-revenue-sharing-partner, MTU has a 13-percent share in the LM6000™ program and a stake in both of the aeroderivative models. In comparison with their predecessors, the LM6000PG™ and -PH offer a 25-percent simple-cycle power increase and an 18-percent boost in exhaust energy for cogeneration or combined heat and power applications. The efficiency of the next-generation generators has been improved significantly, delivering reductions in fuel burn and emissions.

A newly upgraded LM6000 turbine, the LM6000PF*, which is expected to enter into service in late 2016, will respond to an increasing demand for combined heat and power applications and perform on either natural gas or liquid fuels.


  • Generator at “hot” or “cold” end
  • Two-shaft design with direct drive, no separate power turbine


  • High-pressure turbine blades
  • Diffusor (conventional design)/Forward Outer Seal and After Air Seal (boltless-rotor design)
  • High-pressure turbine disk
  • High-pressure turbine casing
  • Low-pressure turbine blades
  • Low-pressure and high-pressure compressor rotors
  • Thermal shield (conventional design)/Rotating Interstage Seal (boltless-rotor design)
  • High-pressure turbine vanes


  • Repair and overhaul at MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg


  • Power generation
  • Mechanical drive (e.g. pumps)

Technical Data

LM6000PC (SAC)LM6000PD/ PF (DLE)LM6000PG
LM6000PH (DLE)
Power (kW)43,00042,000 - 48,00053,30055,000
Exhaust gas mass flow (lb/s)283275314.8303
Max. pressure ratio32.3:130.7:134.8:132.6:1


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