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AEROREPORT is the aviation magazine of MTU Aero Engines, Germany's leading engine manufacturer. Twice a year the publication keeps readers abreast of news and informs them about events and activities within the company and the industry.

AEROREPORT is available in German and English and is published twice a year in spring and fall.

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Current issue


“An MTU perspective on the world of aviation” neatly sums up the topics addressed in AEROREPORT. You find an emphasis on high-tech and excellent service, as you’ve come to expect with “made by MTU”. That’s what the word REPORT stands for in the title of the MTU customer magazine, and it’s also about looking beyond and considering general aviation – or AERO – topics.

Flying and the technologies that make flying possible are, as always, truly fascinating topics that make for some captivating reading in a magazine on all things aviation: Stories from over one hundred years of history and plenty of exciting updates on developments in important areas with implications for aviation, as, for instance, climate change, population growth and limited resources, are just some examples of content featured.

AEROREPORT also has a website. At you’ll find all the articles from the print version. Content such as texts and images is automatically transformed for viewing on the different devices.

Top topics of the current issue

Optimized engine maintenance

Engines are valuable capital assets. That’s why billions of U.S. dollars are invested in maintenance and repairs every year. And this figure continues to rise: engine maintenance is becoming a growth market thanks to the increase in air traffic and new digital technologies.

Coatings protect engine components

Coatings protect engine components against high temperatures, chemical attacks and rapid erosion caused by sand and dust. They have become a key technology on the path to more efficient aircraft engines with higher combustion temperatures and cost-effective operation.

Continuum robot offers brand new possibilities

The Center of Competence for turbines and MRO at Leibniz Universität Hannover.


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