Commitment to society

MTU sees itself as a corporate citizen that takes an active role in the society in which it conducts its business. This is why the company has assumed a special responsibility for the common good, in line with the MTU Principle: “MTU acknowledges its responsibility outside of the company.” As part of its ongoing commitment to society the company is pursuing activities mainly in the field of science, education and training. For MTU, a technological leader, networking with science and academe and tapping into new pools of young talent benefit its research and development work.

Cooperating with science and research

MTU supports university and research institute networks that focus on technology development. The company runs six competence centers across Germany.

More about MTU’s research cooperations

Engine and engine component exhibits are made available to universities and technical colleges; experienced MTU experts hold lecture series and supervise project work, theses and dissertations. Students receive expert support with their assignments and papers. Moreover, outstanding performance is rewarded: For instance, on the occasion of the DGLR Kongress annual conference, MTU every year presents the Heilmann Prize to young scientists who have excelled in the area of engine technology.

Furthermore MTU cooperates with a number of schools in the neighborhoods of its German sites, providing students with assignment topics and making internship slots available. 

MTU provides young people with an opportunity to do internships or work place-ments or write their diploma thesis at MTU to get to know the company better. This way, it ensures that young people who already show an interest in engineering and technology have a chance to find out more about options available while still at school or at university. The aim is to help young people decide on the professional direction they want to take and spark their interest in technology at an early age.

Donating and Sponsoring

MTU supports local and regional associations, organizations and institutions near company’s sites, helping them promote their causes, sponsoring them, and giving them access to a network of contacts. We promote social activities in the places where we operate.

For MTU employees, too, the company offers ample opportunities for further advancement, as, for instance, workshops for personality development and management skills development training that strengthen interpersonal competence.

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