General Electric’s GE9X is the engine to power Boeing’s new 777X long-haul airliner. The GE9X builds on the proven GE90 and GEnx architecture and is currently under development. The engine incorporates some of the most advanced materials and technologies and will set new records in terms of efficiency: The GE9X will be the most fuel-efficient engine GE has ever produced on a per-pounds-of-thrust basis. The engine is designed to achieve fuel-burn savings of about ten percent over today’s GE90-115B. CO2, NOx and noise emissions will also be lower.

MTU has taken a share in the GE9X program, assuming design, development and production responsibility for the turbine center frame – a highly engineered component. The first development module was delivered to GE in January 2016. MTU has many years of experience with this part, which it already contributes to the GP7000 (Airbus A380) and the GEnx (Boeing 787 Dreamliner, 747-8) engine programs.




  • Built on proven GE90 and GEnx architecture
  • Improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions
  • Advanced materials, lower weight
  • Lower noise emissions

Development and production

  • Turbine center frame


  • Boeing 777X

Technical Data

Max. thrust 134,300 lbf
Bypass ratio10:1
Overall pressure ratio60:1
Fan diameter 134 inches
Fuel consumption-10%