Why MTU?

Why MTU?

The real question is why you would ever go anywhere else. We offer outstanding prospects for your career, excellent overall conditions for your professional, family and personal growth and a team spirit found nowhere else. Our corporate culture is founded on diversity and an interdisciplinary approach, on excellence in everything we do paired with the human touch. And that’s true from our headquarters in Munich to our locations in Hannover-Langenhagen and Ludwigsfelde and beyond to our international branches.

Opportunities at MTU Women in technology. From trainee to executive. Colleagues from all over the world. At MTU, one thing leads to another, and the result is always something new. We focus on diversity and development. And we make both things possible.

Continuing education and seminars
These are a part of our day-to-day activities. Our extensive internal and external seminar program cultivates our people’s professional, methodological and leadership skills on a targeted basis. Individually, in line with your needs and requirements.

This is the name and hallmark of our continuing education program. It revolves around learning, further development and ongoing exchange of knowledge and ideas. Through >campus, we make sure our people reach the position that is right for them.

Personnel development and systematic succession planning
This program is a highly targeted way to explore the potential of our future executives and prepare them for their role within the company on an ongoing basis.

Women in technology
We open doors for women in technical fields. We support women in joining MTU and rising within our ranks, from Girls’ Day to students writing dissertations. These efforts help us raise the percentage of women in our workforce at every level, including in positions of leadership.

Benefits at MTU Is MTU’s compensation performance-driven and competitive? Does MTU offer retirement options? And do employees benefit from the company’s success? Yes on all three counts – and that’s not all MTU offers its employees. Far from it!





We have it all, from prevention and advising by our company physicians to health seminars and daylong events focusing on health and beyond, including company sports programs and partnerships with gyms. When you work with us, you get all the tools you need to stay healthy and fit.

We offer pension options as a matter of course, both employer-financed and in various other forms. Deferred compensation is possible, and there are different payment options depending on your personal situation.


We also offer employee participation, of course. Our employees participate in our success depending on performance and results.

Plant buses, commuter buses and carpooling options for customer visits and business trips are all available, along with vehicles for rent or purchase on favorable terms. We make transportation seamless. We also offer free parking.





We know balance is important. We offer flexible working hours, childcare spots and much more.

Our compensation is in line with performance and competitive and highly attractive on the whole. Our compensation system is based on the collective agreement for the metal sector. This includes supplements for work performed on Sundays, at night and on holidays as well as special bonuses and contributions to employee capital formation.

We also offer insurance – and on especially favorable terms, too. From retirement to private insurance coverage, we have a range of options available. We even founded a specific company, MTU Versicherungsvermittlungs- und Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH, to take care of your insurance needs.

Everyone at MTU has flexible hours. We offer about 50 working hours models with core hours and flex time, opening up individual paths to achieving your optimum work-life balance. Up to and including a sabbatical program.

Diversity at MTU MTU is actively committed to equality of opportunity and equal treatment of all employees and takes a clear stand against discrimination in the workplace. We have laid down these principles in our globally applicable Code of Conduct.

We want to assign employees to positions in accordance with their skills, abilities and performance. Everyone has the same opportunities regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

As an early member of the Charter of Diversity, MTU has for years been committed to creating a working environment that is free from prejudice, one that recognizes and supports diverse potential. We want to be a positive example of diversity, create a culture of impartiality and ensure all employees have equal opportunities in the workplace. This approach is inclusive of employees who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, transgender or intersex. We embrace diversity and welcome all employees who wish to enhance the company. Individual talent should be able to unfold within a respectful and appreciative environment with an emphasis on solid performance and personal commitment.


Spirit at MTU What is the MTU mindset? And what about employees? Everything fits together perfectly. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by getting to know the MTU spirit and our corporate culture.

10,000 people, all individuals. Teens, adults, everyone in their place – above all, MTU Aero Engines is diverse, tolerant, aware of performance and highly motivated. Always on the move.

The MTU spirit – you’ll see it in action, everywhere you look. In every hallway, every time someone says hello, in your day-to-day work, at your desk or workstation, in the cafeteria, on the way to work and on the way home. It’s there during company celebrations and excursions, and even just on the treadmill in the fitness center.


Awards at MTU MTU is a top employer, not just here in Germany, but also at our locations in Poland and Canada. We are well placed in student rankings and the Frauen-Karriere-Index, Germany’s career index for women. And with good reason! Our people are our most important capital.

TOP Employer Deutschland

We have been recognized as a top employer in Germany every year since 2006. That speaks for itself, and gives you an idea what we are all about.



TOP Employer Polska

We have been recognized as a top employer in Poland every year since 2014, making MTU one of Poland’s best companies.



TOP Employer BC

We’re also a top employer in Canada, where MTU scores points for flexible working hours, continuing education, signing and year-end bonuses and much more.



Universum Young Professional Ranking

We were ranked 25th by Engineering Young Professionals in the annual Universum survey which asked 14,220 Young Professionals in Germany in which company they want to work.


Universum Student Ranking

We are ranked 29 by engineering students. That’s a strong showing in this annual survey, which drew responses from about 47,010 students at 231 higher education institutions in Germany in 2020.



Analysis and consulting firm Frauen-Karriere-Index (FKI) has been working to achieve lasting improvement in women’s opportunities for advancement since 2012. We have our activities to support and promote women reviewed by FKI each year.



Progress Index Compatibility

In 2021, MTU was awarded the “Success Factor Family” progress index issued by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. We live a family-conscious corporate culture and are committed to the compatibility of family and work.

Leadership Values at MTU Performance is based on leadership – a clearly defined leadership culture with clear leadership values. Our innovative corporate culture is founded on a leadership culture that spurs innovation and change, identifies our people’s potential and safeguards our future success. Based on our three leadership values, we work together to shape the culture of cooperation at MTU.

We Transform

We identify and seize opportunities.
We are open to change and embrace new things.

We empower

We recognize and cultivate potential.
We give people room to make decisions and support clear expectations.

We create trust

Our actions are transparent and dependable.
We show appreciation and provide constructive feedback.
After all, that’s the only way to achieve trust.