MTU’s people ...

deliver as much as
80,000 pounds
of thrust or more,
work with
1.3 petaflops
are masters of up to
30.000 components
and simply give
100 %

People who do their part each and every day to attain top technical performance, achieve the impossible, shape the future of aviation – and experience unbeatable moments.

Making of

26 employees at our locations in Munich, Hannover-Langenhagen, and Ludwigsfelde, near Berlin, participated in the campaign.

The images of our employee campaign

About 10,000 people. 16 locations worldwide. The MTU Aero Engines team is looking for new employees. And who better to approach potential applicants than people who already work with us: our team. That’s why we implemented our new employer campaign with a number of existing team members. Always featured together with the product that we represent on the market: the engine. Together, they add up to what makes MTU Aero Engines who we are: 
Lifetime Excellence.


There are different images aimed at engineers, IT/digital experts, skilled workers, sales experts, students, and apprentices and trainees as well as everybody who wants to experience cutting-edge technology live. Another five team images showcase the diversity of MTU and the spirit that drives us.

The many faces of MTU Aero Engines

Our goal is to appeal to and bring in people – engineers and digital experts, skilled workers and sales pros, students and young professionals, apprentices and prospective trainees. After all, we have exciting challenges to tackle, now and down the road, with technical problems to solve and opportunities to show diligence and performance. To develop innovations and be there for people. The ads, posters, images, trade fair booths, brochures, postcards, and promotional materials where you will see these themes express just that. Technical brilliance paired with the human touch, open and sympathetic. And as diverse as the whole MTU Aero Engines community.

Explanation of the image

Bring 80.000 Pfund
Schub - und sie haben
es entwickelt.

Th Moment of Pride:
An open expression, sympathetic, looking upward happily – at the airplane lifting off with our engine

Gesucht: Ingenieure (m/w/d)
für das Außergewöhnliche

Dagegen ist jeder Rennwagen eine
Seifenkiste, Entwickeln Sie die
wirklich großen Dinger: Triebwerke
mit Wumms. Bei uns. Bei der MTU.

Wir sind 11.0000. An 16 Standorten
weltweit. Jedes dritte Flugzeug
flieft mit unserer Technologie.
Was wir noch brauchen? Sie.

The Fascination:

Our technological expertise is part of one in three aircraft used in civil aviation.

The Moment of Pride:

An open expression, sympathetic, looking upward happily –
at the airplane lifting off with our engine.

The Message:

Technical facts. Impressive figures –
and our employees’ contributions to them.

The Result:

The knowledge of having worked on something big.

Our Target Group:

People like us. People who share our general outlook and want to shape the future of aviation.

Claim and Promise:

Our goal of taking off together and reaching for the stars.