Developed and manufactured jointly by MTU, Rolls-Royce and Avio Aero as from 1969, the RB199 engine powers the Tornado multi-role combat aircraft. It is a three-shaft turbofan engine delivering a thrust of 72 kN. With a total of 2,504 copies delivered, the engine has since accumulated over six million flying hours. MTU’s role in this highly successful engine includes the intermediate- and high-pressure compressors, external gearbox, intermediate-pressure turbine, intermediate casing, thrust reverser and bypass casing.

For the German and Italian Air Forces, MTU developed the DECU 2020 engine control unit. Now that production has ended, the company focuses on the manufacture of spare parts, the repair of engine modules and components as well as customer and engineering technical support.




  • Three-shaft turbofan engine with afterburner
  • Thrust reverser
  • Single-crystal turbine blades
  • Modular design
  • Digital engine control unit
  • On-condition maintenance

Development and production

  • Intermediate-pressure compressor
  • High-pressure compressor
  • Intermediate-pressure turbine
  • Intermediate casing and accessory gearbox
  • Bypass casing
  • Thrust reverser
  • Digital engine control unit DECU
  • Final assembly of German engines

MTU share

  • 40 %

Technical Data

Max. thrust with afterburner16,186 lbf
Max. thrust without afterburner9,217 lbf
Pressure ratio23:1
Bypass ratio1:1.3
Length126 in
Max. diameter34.3 in
Weight including thrust reverser2,390 lbs


  • Panavia Tornado