LM2500™ / LM2500+™ / LM2500+G4™

The LM2500™ is a GE industrial gas turbine which derives from the CF6-6 aircraft engine. It has been maintained and repaired by MTU since 1981. Unlike the LM6000™ gas turbine, the LM2500™ is designed with a single-rotor gas turbine and an aero-dynamically coupled power turbine. The LM2500™ consists of a sixteen-stage compressor, a fully annular combustor, a two-stage high-pressure turbine and a high-efficiency power turbine. The LM2500™ gas turbine is the most popular aero-derivative in the 20 to 25 MW class.

The LM2500+™ and the LM2500+G4™ are uprated versions of the basic LM2500™ and offer 30.5 MW and 36.3 MW of power.




  • Generator at “hot” end
  • Single-shaft gas generator with free power turbine


  • Stage 1 and 2 high-pressure turbine disks


  • Repair and overhaul at MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg


  • Power generation
  • Mechanical drive systems / oil and gas extraction
  • Marine propulsion
  • Combined Heat and Power ("Cogen")

Technical Data

Power (kW)22,00030,50036,300
Heat rate LHV (Btu/kWh)9,4658,8509,184
Exhaust gas mass flow (lb/s)149191213
Exhaust gas temperature (F)990960945
Power turbine speed (rpm)3,6003,6003,600