Equity Story

Why to invest in MTU Shares?

MTU Aero Engines is engaged in markets that offer sustained growth opportunities

Global air traffic is expected to almost double by the year 2030. The demand for engines will therefore increase markedly long-term. With its broad range of products and services in its portfolio and with its technological top position, MTU will benefit from such market dynamics.

MTU has a strong market position in the engine manufacturing and maintenance business

With its three pillars - the commercial OEM and spare parts business, the military engine business and the commercial MRO business - MTU is very well positioned. The company has established itself as a must-have partner for the world's big engine manufacturers, excelling in innovative high-pressure compressors and low-pressure turbines.

MTU has an outstanding technological position

Germany's No. 1 in engine construction plays a key role in the development of fuel-thrifty and quiet engines. In close cooperation with the major players in the industry, the company develops innovative new propulsion systems and technologies of the future. MTU participates in all of the world's major research projects.

MTU continuously improves its economic competitiveness

In the past few years, MTU's business model proved to be a very robust one. Even in economically challenging times, MTU managed to post solid results, its stable cash flow underscoring the company's sound financial position.

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