Military Aircraft Engines

Military aircraft are heavy-duty machines – built for extreme stresses and breathtaking maneuvers. Accordingly, the requirements imposed on engines are very stringent. We have been satisfying these requirements for decades. As the industrial lead company for practically all engines flown by the German Armed Forces, the company contributes its expertise and know-how and plays a key role in most important European military engine programs. MTU’s activities in these programs span the full gamut from development, production and assembly to maintenance. We have also gained access to markets outside Europe and have acquired shares in the U.S. F414 (F/A-18 Super Hornet) and the T408 (CH-53K heavy lift helicopter) engine programs, contributing highly-advanced engine components as a risk- and revenue-sharing partner.


Powerful helicopters are required to carry heavy loads or land troops in difficult terrain. In the military helicopter engine business, MTU Aero Engines has workshares in GE’s T408 and in the MTR390, the latter having been developed in cooperation with Safran Helicopter Engines, Rolls-Royce and ITP.


Next European Fighter Engine

New challenges call for new responses. When it comes to the protection of the German and European airspace, the solution is a system made up of manned and unmanned flight vehicles, dubbed the Future Combat Air System (FCAS). The Next Generation Fighter (NGF) will be an essential part of such an FCAS. The NGF is expected to be available for entry into service by 2040 - powerd by Next European Fighter Engine (NEFE).


Cooperation with the German Armed Forces

MTU‘s collaboration with the German Armed Forces is a prime example of its ability to develop and implement service concepts tailored to customers‘ specific needs. MTU supports a large share of Germany‘s propulsion systems and in 2002 it was the first company to successfully establish a cooperation of this kind with the German Armed Forces. Since 2014, work on the EJ200, RB199 and MTR390 programs has been performed under the same roof in Erding, Bavaria.


MTU Engine Test Facilities and Training Course

MTU has the requisite experience and resources to provide customers with the complete equipment needed to build up their own in-house maintenance capacities. The offerings include standard hand tools, aircraft ground equipment, maintenance and repair equipment and engine test facilities.