Commercial Aircraft Engines

Commercial airliners carry passengers and freight from one continent to another within a matter of hours.
For the operation of their fleets, airlines rely on dependable and powerful engines.

MTU Aero Engines is a partner in numerous trailblazing commercial engine programs, from the GE9X for the 777x to the GEnx for the Boeing Dreamliner, and on to the Geared TurbofanTM engine family for various short- and medium-range aircraft like the Airbus A320neo as well as regional and business jet applications. In the commercial OEM business, the company plays a key role in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech components such as the low-pressure turbines, high-pressure compressors or the turbine center frames. Some 30 percent of today’s active aircraft in service worldwide have MTU components on board.

The MTU Group’s activities, however, are not confined to the production of new components and modules (OEM business).
MTU Maintenance, its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) arm, is the world's largest independent provider of commercial aero engine maintenance services in terms of revenue.