The LM6000™ industrial gas turbine derives from GE’s CF6-80 aircraft engine. This industrial gas turbine is used primarily for power generation applications, but also as a direct mechanical drive, for instance, to power pumps. MTU has been providing maintenance services for this type of gas turbine since 1996.

The LM6000™ is comprised of a five-stage low-pressure compressor (LPC), a 14-stage high-pressure compressor (HPC), an annular combustor, a two-stage high-pressure turbine (HPT), and a fivestage low-pressure turbine (LPT). As with the CF6-80C, the LM6000™ couples loads directly to the low-pressure turbine shaft, which drives the generator directly.

GE has introduced two enhanced versions of its LM6000™, which are derived from the CF6-80E aircraft engine. The LM6000PG™ with a single annular combustor (SAC) and the dry low emissions (DLE) LM6000PH™, which has a low-emission combustor with the fuel nozzles arranged on different planes. As risk-and-revenue-sharing-partner, MTU has a 13-percent share in the LM6000™ program and a stake in both of the aeroderivative models. In comparison with their predecessors, the LM6000PG™ and -PH offer a 25-percent simple-cycle power increase and an 18-percent boost in exhaust energy for cogeneration or combined heat and power applications. The efficiency of the next-generation generators has been improved significantly, delivering reductions in fuel burn and emissions.

A newly upgraded LM6000 turbine, the LM6000PF*, responds to an increasing demand for combined heat and power applications and perform on either natural gas or liquid fuels.




  • Generator at “hot” or “cold” end
  • Two-shaft design with direct drive, no separate power turbine


  • Low-pressure and high-pressure compressor Rotors
  • Diffusor (conventional design)/Forward Outer Seal and After Air Seal (boltless-rotor design)
  • High-pressure turbine blades
  • High-pressure turbine vanes
  • High-pressure turbine disk
  • High-pressure turbine casing
  • Thermal shield (conventional design)/Rotating Interstage Seal (boltless-rotor design)
  • Low-pressure turbine blades


  • Repair and overhaul at MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg

Technical Data

 LM6000PC (SAC)LM6000PD/ PF (DLE)LM6000PG
LM6000PH (DLE)
Power (kW)43,00042,000 - 48,00053,30055,000
Exhaust gas mass flow (lb/s)283275314.8303
Max. pressure ratio32.3:130.7:134.8:132.6:1


  • Power generation
  • Mechanical drive (e.g. pumps)