Application Process & FAQ

All about applying

We invite you to apply online. The online process saves time and money and makes certain your application reaches the right person. Just prepare your application package – letter, CV, and supporting materials such as references, transcripts, and certificates – and then follow our online application process. We’ll guide you every step of the way. And if everything works out, we’ll see you soon!


Questions about applying

How current are the jobs posted in the online job market?

Extremely. We update them daily. Unless another date is noted in the posting, we are looking for candidates to start as soon as possible for all positions.

Our online job market shows all the positions we offer, including internships, jobs for students writing papers or final projects, student jobs, apprenticeships and traineeships and all our regular positions for graduates, young professionals and professionals.


How should I apply?

Please submit all applications online, not by mail or e-mail. Visit our online job market, select the position for you, click “Apply” and fill out the online form. Upload your application documents and click “Submit.” That’s it! Your application will automatically go to the right contact person, and you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt with a contact name. We’ll keep you posted.


What documents do I need to submit?

The more you can tell us about yourself, the better:

  • a letter that shows us why you are a good fit for us and vice versa
  • a detailed CV
  • your final transcript from school
  • certificates of completion of vocational training and/or college diploma and transcript
  • relevant employment references
  • certificates

The maximum size for data attachments is 20 MB, with a maximum of 10 MB per file. Please use the following formats: Word, PDF, jpg, gif, png. If your documents require more storage capacity, please compress them.


Can I also submit a general application to be matched with available positions?

We kindly ask that you apply for specific jobs only. With the wide range of positions we offer, it should be easy for you to find a specific job in our online job market. This is the only way for us to accurately gauge your aptitude and abilities and put you in touch with your personal contact person.


Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?

Definitely! Please submit an individual application via our online job market for each position you are considering. Your contact will be in touch with you after reviewing your documents.


How should I address my letter?

“To Whom It May Concern.” Your personal contact will be assigned at the next stage of the process, when you receive your automatic confirmation that your application has been received.


Internship questions

Can I do a pre-study internship at MTU?

Yes, at our locations in Munich and Hannover-Langenhagen. Our Ludwigsfelde location, near Berlin, does not offer this option.

All pre-study internships are posted in our online job market. For further information on internships with us, click here.


I’m an international student. Can I apply for an internship at MTU?

Of course! The key factors for an internship with us are your qualifications and potential. Our online job market also lists English-language internship positions.


Do I have to do an internship before applying for a student job at MTU?

No. You can apply directly for any student job without completing an internship with us first.


What is the internship for higher technical or vocational school students at MTU Maintenance Hannover?

It’s an internship for students enrolled in higher technical or vocational school (Fachoberschule in the German system) who have to complete an internship to graduate. We offer internships in commercial and technical fields starting anytime. The pay is € 250 per month.


Does MTU offer summer jobs?

Yes, at the Munich location. The minimum age is 18 years and the minimum length is four weeks. These jobs are fun and exciting! Please apply for a student job posted in our online job market.


Questions about jobs for students writing papers or final projects

What kind of paper or final project can I write at MTU?

Basically any kind as long as it matches something posted in the online job market. You can write a term paper or a thesis for a Diplom degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. We also have a doctoral program for candidates with excellent academic records and enthusiasm for aviation, research and the specific topic of the dissertation.


What topics can I write about at MTU?

Anything that matches something posted in the online job market. Most topics fall into four key areas:

  • Development and technology
  • Testing and control
  • Production
  • Maintenance

Does MTU offer pay for students writing papers or final projects?

Of course! For information on pay, please click here.

Questions about vocational training and dual vocational training and academic study programs

What vocational training tracks does MTU offer? And where?

We offer a broad range of apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities at our locations.


  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Surface Coating Technician
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist
  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Engine Technology Specialization

Ludwigsfelde, near Berlin:

  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Engine Technology Specialization


  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Surface Coating Technician
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist
  • Aircraft Mechanic, Engine Technology Specialization

Does MTU also offer dual vocational training and academic study programs?

Of course! For secondary school students approaching graduation who want to combine studying at a higher education institution with practical work experience while also earning their own money, we offer various bachelor’s degree programs, depending on the MTU location.

Since we offer vocational training geared toward our own staffing needs, the study subjects and number of positions vary annually. For current information, please click here.

When can I start applying for an apprenticeship or traineeship at MTU?

In July of the prior year. The application process takes place online, via the online job market. Be sure to state your desired training institution in your letter and include a CV in table format, your last two transcripts or certificates and documentation of any additional qualifications (language skills, etc.). After that, we will send you an online test and invite you to an interview directly at one of our locations that offer vocational training. Click here to learn more about the application process.

Can I do an internship at MTU even before I finish school?

Definitely! No matter what school you attend, we have something for everyone. We offer internships for high school students to get to know our vocational training tracks. Internships in Munich last one week and those in Hannover-Langenhagen are for two weeks. The Ludwigsfelde location, near Berlin, also offers internships upon request. Want to check out our dual vocational training and academic study programs? If so, our taster program is perfect for you! Or if you are just about to start a study program, you might want to do your technical pre-study internship with us.

For more information on deadlines and terms for internships for high school students, click here.

Questions about jobs for young professionals and professionals

What is JET, anyway? Does it only apply in technical areas of the company?

JET is the Junior Entry and Trainee Program at MTU. It is geared toward highly motivated graduates and young professionals with outstanding academic records. The program offers entry-level opportunities in technical and commercial fields alike. There’s something for everyone – provided it is listed in the online job market.

How do I apply for a trainee position?

Go to our online job market and search for the right trainee position for you. Click “Apply” and upload your application documents. All vacant JET positions are updated there every day.

Candidates are selected via an Assessment Center and in-person interviews. We want to get to know you well – and we want you to get to know where you will be working, too. That way, everything will work out just as it should.

I want to join MTU Aero Engines in another country. How do I get there?

Please do not apply via the online job market in that case. You should contact the local point of contact directly. For a list of addresses, click here.

What kinds of opportunities for professional and personal growth does MTU Aero Engines offer?

We have excellent opportunities for growth. We’ve even been recognized for this, earning top marks for development opportunities in the TOP Employer Germany comparison study.

Since we are a high-tech company, our people’s knowledge and skill are crucial to our success. And that means their personal development and professional advancement are critically important.

We’ve developed various tools and programs with this in mind:

  • >campus: all about learning and sharing knowledge and ideas
  • Continuing education and seminar program: everything from education for entry-level candidates to specific management qualifications, tailored individually to your needs and requirements
  • Personnel development and systematic succession planning: targeted support for next-generation talent, including regular potential rounds, specific mentoring programs and a modular executive curriculum

What will my first day on the job be like?

We like to get off to a relaxed start. We’ll send you detailed information by mail beforehand, so you can review it at your leisure and familiarize yourself with the job. Your manager and/or sponsor will welcome you and show you around your department on the first day. You’ll be issued your employee ID and learn what kinds of training you will be attending. The Hannover-Langenhagen and Ludwigsfelde locations use what we call “starter kits,” which are several-day introductory seminars that already include initial training units. In Munich, we invite you to attend your introductory course, “Welcome on Board @ MTU.” We make sure everyone gets off to a good start.

Are there plant tours?

No. For capacity reasons, we cannot offer private plant tours, but please feel free to visit our MTU Museum at the Munich location. The museum occupies about 850 square meters of space and features around 50 exhibits from the history of powered flight, including the huge GP7000, which propels the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.

Hours for 2020:
Sunday, June 28, 2020 – 1–4 p.m.
Sunday, October 17, 2020 – 7 p.m.–2 a.m. (Long Night of Museums in Munich)
Sunday, November 22, 2020 – 1–4 p.m.

The museum is located right next to the main entrance to MTU Aero Engines, at Dachauer Str. 665. There is plenty of parking, and the museum can also be reached easily via public transit.