Exactly what you’ve been studying for

Of course it's about research. Of course it’s about science and scholarly endeavor. But in the end, the crucial aspect is that an airplane flies because the engine works. One part happens in people’s heads. The other touches their hearts. Ultimately, what counts is harnessing technology to achieve what seemed impossible. Developing unimaginable amounts of power. Studying that is one thing. Making it fly is something else entirely. At MTU, you can experience both.


  • Diploma or Master Thesis Internship

    When someone comes to us to write a thesis for a Diplom degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree or to write a dissertation, their work doesn't get filed away in a drawer somewhere. Instead, it really takes off. Your work is a launchpad – for our advancement, and for your career at MTU.

  • Internship

    From mechanical engineering to aerospace, electrical engineering and materials science and from physics, mathematics and computer science to business and economics, journalism and communications. We have interns working in a full range of fields. Even history – but that’s another story.

  • Student Jobs

    From part-time work during the semester to full-time during breaks, we offer a lot of options for student employees. There are jobs in design and development, production, IT, maintenance and various business-related fields.

  • Applying

    Whether you are looking to write a thesis, do an internship or land a student job, all your options are posted in our online job market. The sooner you apply, the better. Four months before your start date is perfect. Four weeks is still possible, too, since some vacation work is planned on short notice.