Brush Seals: Applications

MTU brush seals have widely proved their worth, being superior to labyrinth seals in various aspects. This is why the technology is finding a home on practically every engine in the pipeline worldwide. Meanwhile, MTU is offering brush seal solutions also for applications other than aircraft engines.

MTU customers include companies from a variety of industries as brush seals are finding a home increasingly also in industrial gas and steam turbines, compressors and other mechanical engineering applications.

In addition, brush seals are successfully being used in additive manufacturing facilities.

MTU's experts have been busy developing innovative seals for almost any application for over three decades. In the process, they closely cooperate with customers, who benefit from MTU's experience in engine construction, from direct access to highly advanced test facilities and from participations in important research and development programs.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is rapidly gaining in importance across industries. In many additive manufacturing facilities, rollers, blades or lips are used as powder scrapers.

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