Ad-hoc Announcements

Ad-hoc Announcements

Pursuant to Article 17 MAD (Market Abuse Directive), publicly listed stock corporations are required to immediately release information relevant to stock price valuation. We publish our ad-hoc releases through DGAP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ad-hoc-Publizität mbH).


DateAd-hoc NewsPDF-file
2020/07/31Ad-hoc: MTU Aero Engines AG publishes new forecast for the 2020 fiscal yearPDF
2020/06/17Ad-hoc: Klaus Eberhardt to continue as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MTU Aero Engines AG PDF
2020/03/26Ad-hoc: MTU Aero Engines AG withdraws guidance 2020PDF

Ad-hoc: MTU Aero Engines AG proposes a modified resolution on the appropriation of net profit and postpones Annual General Meeting




DateAd-hoc NewsPDF-file

Ad-hoc: MTU Aero Engines AG launches new convertible bond offering and solicits offers from investors to sell the outstanding convertible bonds due 2023 (ISIN DE000A2AAQB8)




There were no ad-hoc releases published in 2018.


There were no ad-hoc releases published in 2017. 

2014 - 2015

There were no ad-hoc releases published in 2014 - 2015. 

2008 - 2012

There were no ad-hoc releases published in 2008 - 2012. 


DateAd-hoc release
07/24/2007Ad-hoc: Egon W. Behle to become new MTU Aero Engines CEO (PDF)
05/29/2007Ad-hoc: New facility in Poland adds 15 million euros annually to the group's earnings from 2011 (PDF)
03/14/2007Ad-hoc: Udo Stark will not extend his contract as CEO of MTU Aero Engines (PDF)
01/23/2007MTU launches convertible bond offering
Due to legal restrictions we are not allowed to publish the english version of the "Convertible Bond" Ad-hoc release, dated January, 23. If you wish to receive a copy, please contact us by email at Please include a confirmation, that you are not located in the United States, Australia, Canada, Italy or Japan in your request. Otherwise we will not be able to send you the information. Thank you for your understanding.


There were no ad-hoc releases published in 2006.