Military Maintenance

Military Maintenance

MTU Aero Engines offers its military customers comprehensive support. In addition to conventional engine maintenance and smart repairs, customers benefit from a wide range of services that are tailored to satisfy its military partners’ specific needs.

Innovative repair techniques optimize engine availability and reduce costs. Based on many years of experience and a fully integrated development process, MTU is continuously building on its high-tech repairs so that lifecycle costs continue to decrease.

Using engine health monitoring, extensive monitoring of various engine parameters, and analyzing the condition of the engine based on this data, MTU experts can detect unusual operating conditions and identify countermeasures before the problem even occurs.

Comprehensive service

Going by the motto “Committed to the mission”, MTU Aero Engines aims to satisfy all of its military customers’ operational requirements. Its comprehensive services range from technical customer support and spare parts support when needed all the way to smooth fleet management and the comprehensive compilation and maintenance of documents and tailored training opportunities. The service support concepts are flexible and tailored to the respective lifecycle of the engine and the customer’s specific setup and requirements, and thus provide the all-round support they need to ensure smooth operations.

The partners, such as the German Armed Forces, are closely involved in the overall process and secure valuable know-how. Military customers benefit from comprehensive support services throughout an engine's lifecycle.