MTU Aero Engines is a partner in numerous advanced commercial engine programs, from the GP7000 for the A380 to the GEnx for the new Boeing 747-8 jumbo jet, and on to various short- and medium-range aircraft and business jet applications. In addition to contributing key components – such as high-pressure compressors and low-pressure turbines – the company develops and manufactures many other engine components as well, for example turbine exhaust casings or innovative brush seals. The MTU Group’s activities, however, are not confined to the production of new components and modules (OEM business). MTU Maintenance, its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) arm, is the world's largest independent provider of commercial aero engine maintenance services in terms of revenue.

  • Commercial Aircraft Engines

    From engines for business jets to power-plants incorporating geared turbofan technology for narrowbodies and on to the world’s most powerful propulsion systems – with its products, MTU has content on engines in all thrust and power categories.

  • Military Aircraft Engines

    MTU Aero Engines has workshares in numerous military engine programs. We are the lead industrial partner for almost every type of engine flown by the German armed forces. U.S. engine manufacturers, too, rely on MTU technology.

Industrial Gas Turbines

During the last several years MTU has constantly expanded its product portfolio and today also engages in activities outside aviation, tapping into its experience and know-how and profiting from the competitive edge it has gained in its core business. The company has made the repair and maintenance of industrial gas turbines a cornerstone of its activities. MTU has thus taken a major step to-wards securing the company's future viability as analysts see substantial growth potential in the industrial gas turbine business. Therefore, MTU intends to strengthen its foothold in this market by considerably expanding its gas turbine activities.