• PERFORM Plus

    MRO makes up the core of our services and we are exceptional at it. For operators of newer engines, it is all about generating more flight hours at lower cost with customized solutions.

  • SAVE Plus

    We know that as engines age, MRO costs increase. And we understand that whatever engines operators fly, they want to do this in the most cost-effective way. Which is why we provide smart strategies for mature engines

  • VALUE Plus

    Towards the end of aircraft life, asset owners are looking to get the most value from their engines. Our effective end-of-life asset management ensures the best exit strategy for the asset.

  • MOVE Plus

    MRO solutions for lessors and asset owners are all about mitigating risk and maximizing the revenue stream. MTU Maintenance supports customers with a portable MRO solution across the lifecycle, enabling fast remarketability of assets through easy transfers and predictable costs with no unnecessary MRO work.

MTUPlus Intelligent Solutions

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MTUPlus Intelligent Solutions
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MTU worldwide

With locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, capabilities for on-site and near-wing services, as well as representative offices, MTU Maintenance and its 5,000-strong workforce is available wherever and whenever needed.