Research and development

Research and development

MTU is a highly innovative company: every year, it files more than 400 patent applications and makes around 200 invention disclosure reports. The company secures its technological edge over the long term through its committed, dedicated research and development work as part of strong innovative and technology processes.  

For us, close networking with industrial partners and the research community, as well as sustained funding from the public sector at the national and European levels—for example, the German government’s aeronautics research program (LuFo), technology development for the German Federal Ministry of Defence and the EU’s Clean Sky initiative—are key pillars for the successful development of new technologies.

Leading Technology Roadmap

In ihrer Leading Technology Roadmap hat die MTU ihren Fahrplan festgelegt – zivil und militärisch: Es geht um die Weiterentwicklung und Optimierung der MTU-Komponenten Hochdruckverdichter, schnelllaufende Niederdruckturbine und Turbinenzwischengehäuse. Schlüsseltechnologien sind neue leichte Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe, additive Herstellverfahren sowie virtuelle Auslegung und Fertigung. Rund 150 Technologieprojekte wurden definiert.