Additive manufacturing

Brush seals: Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is rapidly gaining in importance across industries. In many additive manufacturing facilities, rollers, blades or lips are used as powder scrapers. MTU, however, relies on proven brush seal technology and develops and produces highly precise and effective scrapers with brush strips for this application.

As compared with the alternatives, MTU’s powder scrapers afford the following benefits:

  • high resilience, no deformation or fracture of component and scraper
  • excellent and uniform powder distribution
  • same material as that of the parts produced by additive manufacturing → no contamination
  • high temperature resistance up to 700°C
  • long service life


The brush strips for the powder scrapers are available in various lengths up to approx. 600 mm.

Moreover, customers can choose from three different materials for the brush strips, depending on the respective application:

  • Haynes 25
  • Kevlar
  • Inconel 718

MTU also offers brush seals for efficient sealing of the build chamber of additive manufacturing facilities to prevent the powder from escaping while the build platform is lowered.