Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Maintenance, repair & overhaul of Military Aircraft Engines

Germany’s leading engine manufacturer provides service support for a variety of military engines. MTU’s products and services meet the highest quality and reliability standards. Where the need for repair measures is identified, MTU’s experts always come up with the suitable solution. The company can draw on decades of experience in military maintenance and develops innovative repair techniques with which levels of restoration unrivaled anywhere in the world and long on-wing times are achieved.

Parts repair business: Repair beats replacement

In military flight operations, engine components are subject to extremely high stresses that vary depending on mission and operating environments. To keep these components in excellent running condition, MTU is continuously developing novel repair processes and technologies to suit its customers’ requirements.

Innovative repair techniques optimize engine availability and reduce costs. Based on many years of experience and a fully integrated development process, MTU is continuously building on its high-tech repairs so that lifecycle costs continue to decrease. Examples of its comprehensive repair expertise include adaptive milling to restore damaged compressor blade tips and innovative coating methods for protecting compressor airfoils from erosion.