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We admit it. We have high standards for our applicants – the same high standards we set for ourselves. As a leading global engine manufacturer, we view ourselves as one of the best. And that means we are looking for the best of the best, too – and those with the potential to get there. Grades, diplomas, degrees and transcripts are definitely important to us. But one thing is even more important: you as a person. We like to see for ourselves who you are and what you can do.

Trainee Program JET Our Junior Entry and Trainee Program (JET) is our targeted search for drive. For your career. For our further development. We open up insight into the structures and processes at MTU. And we will help you grow, step by step, into a next-generation executive. Worth checking out, right?

JET propels you onward – and upward. It is geared toward highly motivated graduates and young professionals with outstanding academic records.

With JET, you gain comprehensive insight into MTU and its structures and processes in just 18 months, either at your place of work or at any national and/or international locations tied to your specific duties.

JET gives you optimum individual preparation for your later position. It encompasses seminars, workshops and overarching activities geared from the outset toward reinforcing your strengths and helping us advance together.

For your JET entry-level trainee position, please see our online job market. We invite you to apply online and look forward to an individual selection process.

Get to know two of our current trainees, they tell you how the JET program works and also have some tips for those interested (interviews in German):

More info about JET:

Direct entry You’ve got your degree in hand. What next? Just apply and see what happens? It’s better to drill down a bit first. Check out our online job market and find the position that is right for you. Whether you’ve just finished high school or earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree, we have excellent opportunities at all levels.

It’s easy! Just go to our online job market and search for the right position for you and your desired location. Then apply online.

If we are a good fit for you and vice versa, we’ll bring you on board – with everything that involves. You will enjoy an excellent benefits package, outstanding opportunities for growth and development, attractive pay and all the benefits of our in-house health management programs. We will help you learn and grow, but we will also challenge you, of course. After all, our goal is to work together to achieve more.

If you’re interested in multiple positions, please submit a separate application for each one. As soon as we have your documents in our system, you will receive automatic confirmation of receipt. If you are a good fit for us, your personal contact person will reach out to you to let you know about the next steps.

Find your direct entry route:

Dissertations Production processes, materials, structural mechanics, performance – although we don’t turn everything into a dissertation, a lot of the things we work on are perfect topics for one. Why not for yours?

If you are a specialist in these areas or would like to become one, have excellent academic records and enjoy doing research and working independently, the only other thing you need is a love of aviation and passion for your dissertation topic.

We are always looking for doctoral candidates who combine technical expertise with visionary determination. It will take both to reimagine the aviation of the future.

We offer excellent supervision, an outstanding environment in which to write your dissertation embedded at MTU, a contract for a limited term of four years and outstanding prospects of hiring after you complete your doctorate.

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