Compliance Organization

Compliance Organization

The term “compliance” denotes the observance of laws, regulations and internal policies. Every MTU Aero Engines AG employee is obliged to ensure compliance. The specialist functions ensure compliance with the laws and internal policies. Thus, for instance, Corporate Quality ensures compliance with the requirements imposed by the aviation authorities, and Health and Safety Engineering/Environment ensures compliance with environmental protection standards and occupational health and safety provisions.

To see to it that compliance is strictly followed, the Executive Board has taken a series of measures to minimize the risks of falling victim to business crime:

  • Adoption of a Code of Conduct that is valid throughout the Group, compliance with which is mandatory
  • Institution of an ombudsman to deal with cases of suspected illegal acts and activities
  • Establishment of a Compliance Board
  • Permanent employee security clearing screenings
  • Training held at regular intervals, for instance in anti-trust legislation, in the Code of Conduct, etc.

MTU’s Compliance Board is responsible for assuring conformance to statutory requirements - with a focus on preventing business crime -  and an ethical conduct of business activities. Its members are the heads of Legal Affairs, Corporate Audit and Corporate Security. The Compliance Board is obliged to fully investigate all reported suspected violations and cases of non-compliant conduct. All business areas are screened at regular intervals to identify potential instances of corruption. Moreover, the Compliance Board regularly updates the Supervisory Board’s Audit Committee on its activities.

The Compliance Board assesses any and all new and renewable contracts with sales consultants for potential risks of corruption. In addition, it obtains expert opinions from an independent organization. The Chief Executive Officer will approve the finalization of the contract only upon the Compliance Board’s due recommendation.

To ensure that unlawful acts of relevance to compliance can be reported, MTU has instituted an ombudsman; through the ombudsman, not only MTU employees, but also individuals not on MTU’s payroll may report known, suspected or alleged non-compliances.

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