Engine Trend Monitoring

Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM)

Increased efficiency and lower cost through innovative and independent expertise!

MTU’s engine trend monitoring (ETM) is an independent and proprietary system that monitors specific data sets from flight operations.  We combine these with shop visit data. We introduced ETM in 2006 and continue to optimize the system. The foundation is a full thermodynamic engine model for each engine type.

As an independent service, our ETM system has an interface that can accommodate a wide range of engine types. For instance, we can monitor a customer’s GE90 and V2500 fleet with the same tool. This is particularly helpful for engineers and technical managers and unusual in the industry.

We monitor CF34, CF6-80, CFM56, GE90, LEAP, PW2000 and V2500. Other engine types can be supported on request. Customers rely on high-quality trend analysis and customizable solutions – as part of a larger MRO arrangement, such as PERFORMPlus, or as a stand-alone service.

Each customer, engine and fleet is unique – and they all create individual data patterns. We identify these patterns for our customers and, as a result, can detect failures early before secondary damage occurs and prevent AOGs.

Your benefits

  • Better engine performance with reduced specific fuel consumption through recommended actions based on ETM
  • Expert analysis by MTU engineers
  • Longer and optimized on-wing times
  • Minimized downtime and lower spare levels
  • Reduced cost of ownership across the lifecycle
  • Reliable and predictable planning


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