High-speed milling

High-speed milling

For blisk blades or vane segments, high-speed milling from the solid is the most effective way to produce optimum surface finish and geometric fidelity at minimum tool engagement rates and high metal removal rates. Integrally bladed compressor disks, or blisks, are geometrically highly complex components which are milled exclusively on special five- or six-axis machines.

At the very high cutting rates involved in the high-speed milling process, cost-optimized production can only be achieved if smooth interaction between

  • high machine dynamics,
  • advanced CNC control,
  • optimum tools and clamping devices, and
  • effective coolant-lubricant systems

is ensured.

High-speed milling with optimized strategy

Today, an optimized milling strategy is an essential tool that helps minimize machining times, optimize aerodynamically relevant surfaces and reduce machining costs.