Respecting the prevailing laws and regulations is part and parcel of our corporate responsibility and forms an important basis for responsible dealings with our business partners and employees.

  • MTU denounces corruption, including bribery and extortion, and all other forms of white-collar crime.
  • MTU expects its employees to treat insider information strictly confidential pending its publication.
  • MTU acts as a fair employer, business partner and client and advocates transparent competition where all parties are on an equal footing.

Conflicts of Interest

MTU Aero Engines AG considers compliance with laws and regulations to be part of its corporate social responsibility. MTU does not tolerate any unethical or corrupt behavior, for instance in the form of bribery or acceptance of gratuities or favors in business transactions. Employees are required to undertake not to engage in private business or transactions that are obviously contradictory to MTU’s best interests or can have an impact on the dealings with the company.

Conduct towards authorities and officeholders

Dealings with authorities or civil service employees in Germany and outside Germany are subject to special rules. Payments, gifts, entertainment or favors to civil servants, soldiers and other civil service or public sector employees or to individuals or legal entities close to officeholders with the aim to win orders or gain other advantages for MTU are not permitted. The same holds true for the granting of advantages upon receipt of a contract or advantage.

Code of Conduct

MTU’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees and Managers of MTU Aero Engines AG and its affiliates and subsidiaries and to the members of the Executive Board, compliance being mandatory. The managers are responsible for all employees complying with MTU’s Code of Conduct. Any violations of the code or of applicable legislation will be punished by appropriate action by the company.

Code of Conduct of MTU Aero Engines AG

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The Code of Conduct for MTU Suppliers is a constituent part of all of MTU Aero Engines AG’s purchasing contracts. The requirements and standards underlying this Code of Conduct are based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles. MTU’s suppliers of goods and services undertake to respect human rights, to comply with the core labor standards adopted by the International Labor Organization (ILO), to ensure environmental protection, and not to tolerate or engage in any form of corruption. 

Code of Conduct for MTU suppliers

Data Privacy Policy

MTU Aero Engines appreciates your visit to our website and your interest in our company and products. We take the protection of your personal data seriously and want you to feel comfortable visiting our web pages. We attach great importance to protecting your privacy while processing personal data, and take it into account in our business processes. We process personal data collected during visits to our websites in accordance with the applicable data protection and data security laws. When you visit our web applications (e.g. online application), information may also be stored. For this, you will find separate privacy policies in the respective application.

Other privacy policies:

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