MTU Aero Engines' IMS policy

MTU Aero Engines' IMS policy

MTU Aero Engines’ IMS (Integrated Management System) policy addresses the issues of quality, industrial health & safety and environmental protection. It adheres to the following principles:

Safety is the first priority in whatever we do

  • Wherever we work across the globe, we are committed to satisfying customer, regulatory/statutory and in-house requirements without fail.
  • The technologies we employ are sure to meet applicable state-of-the-art standards regarding economic aspects or have been validated to applicable standards.

It is quality work and continuous improvement that keep us competitive

  • Our customers' expectations are the criterion against which we judge our products, services and processes.
  • Our employees are individually accountable for the quality of their work and for the advancement of MTU's quality goals at the workplace.
  • By continuously improving our processes we make sure they are suitable, stable and efficient and so keep us competitive.

We actively protect the environment to help maintain our quality of life

  • We want to continuously improve our environmental protection effort to minimize the ecological burden.
  • This effort is pursued in harmony with corporate objectives and the best interests of our staff and the public.

The health of our employees is essential to our company's success

  • Our occupational health and safety policy complies with applicable legislation, putting and keeping our activities in a legally secure framework.
  • It aims to prevent accidents and mitigate the environmental exposure at our workplaces and in our work environment.