Corporate Responsibility


In the Annual Report 2020 (p. 94 ff.)


Fiscal year 2020


Our ideas and concepts for a sustainable future


Standing up for integrity together

Reiner Winkler, CEO MTU Aero Engines: "MTU Aero Engines is a major player in the global aircraft engine industry and a technology leader that keeps developing promising technical innovations. Corporate Responsibility, that is to say responsible entrepreneurship, is an integral part of our corporate culture. As a fair employer and customer, reliable business partner and committed member of society, we aim to enhance the stakeholders’ trust in our company. High-quality, safe and eco-efficient products are key to our long-term economic viability. This is why product responsibility is a top priority in our Corporate Responsibility efforts."

  • Environmental protection

    We are aware of the extensive responsibility we have when it comes to environmental protection – for the product and for its development, manufacture and repair. Product stewardship is where we can make the biggest contribution.

  • Product Responsibility

    More stringent ecological requirements that apply with regard to emissions and aircraft noise call for the development of new propulsion concepts and engine technologies that also satisfy the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Employees

    Diversity and fairness are qualities that differentiate our workforce. Our employees and managers are highly qualified and motivated professionals who drive the company’s success.

  • Society

    MTU recognizes its role as a corporate citizen. The fields in which we believe we can contribute most to society are science and education.


MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, is facing up to its responsibility by acting sustainably. As far as sustainability is concerned, what plans has MTU set out for itself as a company and for its products? What has the company already accomplished on its way to attaining its goals? All these facts and figures are released in the 2020 Non-Financial Statement (p. 94 ff.).