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In the Annual Report 2020 (p. 94 ff.)

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MTU's CR strategy

Reconciling ecological and social responsibility with economic considerations is the main task of the MTU Group’s sustainability management efforts. This responsibility underpins our dealings with employees, customers, partners and all other stakeholders in society. One key focus here is product development.

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we are committed to observing its ten principles of respect for human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection and prevention of corruption.

Sustainability is a core value and key objective of the engine industry. After all, aircraft engines have a lifespan of several decades. Their development requires extensive engineering and testing work and high upfront investments and, hence, must be based on a future-oriented business model. Sustainable management secures MTU’s business success and economic viability down the road and helps the company remain competitive in a market driven by long-term business cycles, allowing it to open up new business segments, minimize risks and address economic, environmental and social challenges early in the game.



CR team  

  • Reiner Winkler, CEO MTU Aero Engines: "MTU Aero Engines is a major player in the global aircraft engine industry and a technology leader that keeps developing promising technical innovations. Corporate Responsibility, that is to say responsible entrepreneurship, is an integral part of our corporate culture. As a fair employer and customer, reliable business partner and committed member of society, we aim to enhance the stakeholders’ trust in our company. High-quality, safe and eco-efficient products are key to our long-term economic viability. This is why product responsibility is a top priority in our Corporate Responsibility efforts."

  • Michael Schreyögg, Chief Program Officer: “We believe in the aviation industry and are convinced that the need, desire and freedom to travel will eventually return. When they do, MTU will be there as a reliable partner to customers worldwide, providing its products and services in the same capacity as before—but we’ll be even more innovative, connected, digital and sustainable”

  • Peter Kameritsch, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer: “Right now, investing in the future is more important than ever. Given the long development times in aviation, we remain undeterred in our efforts to advance and fund our work on the technologies needed for the next generation of aircraft. This is a balancing act in light of the economic crisis in our industry.”

  • Lars Wagner, Chief Operating Officer: “Aviation is at an important threshold, and so is MTU. Despite the current crisis, our sights are still firmly set on our major goal of emissions-free flight. We are pursuing innovative and bold concepts, and in doing so we are also gaining society’s acceptance of our business activities.”

Corporate responsibility (CR) at MTU: Our claim and fields of action

  • Comprehensive sustainability management
  • Ensuring the security of information and systems
  • Protecting personal data in all areas of the company
  • Compliance as part of the corporate culture
  • Active commitment to combating corruption in all business areas
  • Ensuring adherence to embargo and export guidelines
  • Regular and open dialogue with all stakeholder groups
Corporate Governance

  • Research collaborations for joint knowledge building
  • Corporate citizenship: MTU is part of society and a good neighbor
  • Employees use the knowledge they have acquired at MTU to play a responsible role in society

  • Highest priority for product quality and flight safety
  • Improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO 2 emissions
  • Reducing the climate impact
  • Minimizing the health effects of product use (exhaust and noise emissions)

  • Ensure compliance with human rights at our own sites
  • Providing active and targeted employee development at all hierarchical levels
  • Continiously promoting diversity & equality of opportunity
  • Enabling a work-life balance for all employees
  • Ensuring health and safety in the workplace
  • Promoting mutual employer/employee dialogue
  • Continuously increase internal and external employer attractiveness
  • Trust-based leadership
  • Ensuring a high employee satisfaction

  • Reducing CO 2 emissions at all production sites (Scope 1&2)
  • Continuously improving resource efficiency
  • Efficient management processes have been established
  • Advanced procedures in site and plant operations
  • Raising employee awareness of climate protection in production
Manufacturing and Maintenance

  • Human and employee rights are central components of our business relationships
  • In our cooperation with suppliers, we pay attention to a resource- and environment-friendly value chain
  • CSR is embedded in our contracts and sourcing decisions. In this way, we ensure social and ecological standards
  • Responsible handling of conflict minerals is ensured.
Procurement practices
  • Corporate governance

    We strive to implement sustainable management in all our main areas of activity. With our sustainability strategy, we aim to actively shape the future.

  • Employees

    Diversity and fairness are qualities that differentiate our workforce. Our employees and managers are highly qualified and motivated professionals who drive the company’s success.

  • Manufacturing & maintenance

    Together with our employees, we actively promote environmental protection and climate action at our sites.

  • Product

    The area where we can do the most to further climate action is product development. With various propulsion concepts, we are on our way to emissions-free flight.

  • Procurement practices

    Our responsibility goes beyond our factory walls. We have set our sights on sustainable production along the entire value chain.

  • Society

    We see ourselves as a reliable corporate partner in society. Our particular responsibility in service of the common good is in the area of science and education.

MTU publishes 2020 Sustainability Report

MTU is setting the course for a green future for aviation and for the company. The 2020 business year was a year full of challenges, and not only against the backdrop of the pandemic. Now more than ever, resolute action is required to combat climate change as well. Both these challenges are reflected in the Sustainability Report.